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Scrapbook quilts are random, free form designs with a contemporary feel.  I take great care in creating a well balanced design and put a lot of thought into color, block size variation and finishing details.  

Pricing varies based on the number of items you provide.

The base fee covers design, prep, batting and trim.  

Cost of backing fabric and finishing price varies per project.

Listed prices do not include the backing fabric or the finishing cost.  Both are based on the final size of your quilt. Finishing is approx .06 per square inch and the backing for an average sized quilt will cost approx 75.00-100.00.

Batting, hand stitched binding & thread is included in the price.  All of my fabrics are 100% cotton.

Allow approx 16 weeks for production.

Contact Mindy | to discuss your project.

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Clothing items should be shipped to:

MIndy Kombert/ Bluedog Collections

5 Pinecliff Rd

Chappaqua, New York 10514

IMPORTANT: All clothing items must be washed prior to sending.

PHOTO INSTRUCTIONS  Photos may be sent via EMAIL as jpeg files.  They should be a minimum of 150dpi and no smaller than 3 1/5 x 5.  I will scan, crop and size them to suit your quilt.  Photos sent via REGULAR MAIL should be sent with clothing items.  Please provide a self addressed envelope if you would like your original photos returned.